News Archive: 2005

History of the Trumpet

As the fall semester draws to a close, my life has been consumed with preparations for a two and a half hour presentation and subsequent 25 page paper, History of the Trumpet: Interaction of Music, Culture, and Technology. Finally, school is over and I can relax! [19 December 2005]

Bicentennial Hymn Festival, Independence

The hymn festivals I worked on at Kirtland (See Kirtland Temple Fellowship below) owe much to the resources and expertise of hymn scholar, Richard Clothier. Yesterday, I was able to participate in one of his hymn festivals at the Community of Christ auditorium in Independence, Missouri. The event was broadcast over the Internet and video clips of the event are still available. [19 September 2005]

Kirtland Temple Fellowship

I spent my second summer as a fellow at the Kirtland Temple in Ohio. Projects included a repeat of the popular Emma Smith Hymn Festival that Sarah Thatcher and I organized last year in commemoration of Emma's 200th birthday, and a new, similar event for Joseph Smith, Jr, since this year is his bicentennial. I updated the Kirtland Temple website to include information about this year's hymn festivals. [20 August 2005]

Computer Art

I tried my hand at some vector graphics using an open-source program called Inkscape. I was quite pleased with the result, and with the abilities of the software. I hope to use the software more in the future. [18 May 2005]

Meaning of Life

I was walking to Lamoni congregation for rehearsal. Along the way, the smell of tree blossoms overwhelmed my senses. "It must be spring," I said to myself.

A little further down the street, the smell of wet, ploughed soil filled my nostrils. It reminded me of the days my family would spend gardening at our allotment.

As I turned the corner of the street a person mowing their lawn reminded me of my pre-college days when I too cut grass. After a quick-paced fifteen minutes I arrived at the church on time.

With regards to the meaning of life: I think I got a glimpse—or perhaps a whiff—at it all. The short walk taught me than life's much richer that the smell of my dormitory (even though that dorm smell is quite rich). [22 April 2005]

Hymn Project

As a Music History III honors project I have been busily researching hymns. The Hymn Festival mentioned below was part of this project. I have compiled a full report that summarizes and links to all my work for the project. [17 April 2005]

Hymn Festival

Just finished doing a hymn festival of "Hymn tunes of the Great Composers." At Graceland University's Shaw Center. For a PDF file of what I had to say about each hymn, see Spring 05 Hymn Fest.pdf [13 April 2005]

Stewart Manor Website

Stewart Manor is the "house" or dormitory I live on at Graceland. Although there's still some work to do on the website, it's already online waiting for you to go check it out! [31 March 2005]

Kirtland Temple Dedication

Added the newspaper account of the Kirtland Temple Dedication to Wikisource, the online collection of public domain literature, historical documents, and other texts. [27 February 2005]

Redesign of Leicester Website

I've come to the finishing stages of redesigning the Leicester Congregation website. [15 February 2005]

Emma Smith Article

I recently helped expand the Wikipedia article on Emma Hale Smith. Emma Smith was the wife of Joseph Smith, Jr. who founded the Latter Day Saint movement. Despite her prominent place in church history her article contained no more than two or three sentences. Read More... [20 January 2005]