Emma Smith Article

I recently expanded the Wikipedia article on Emma Hale Smith. Wikipedia is a web-based, free-content, encyclopedia. Since its beginning in January of 2001, it has quickly grown to become the world's largest encyclopedia.[1]

Significance of article

Emma Smith was the wife of Joseph Smith, Jr. who founded the Latter Day Saint movement. Despite her prominent place in church history her article contained no more than two or three sentences, which led Wikipedia contributor, Cool Hand Luke, to call it "the most embarrassing stub in Mormonism," in October 2004.

The article for Joseph Smith, Jr. was created in 2001, the same year the Wikipedia project started and stands today as a 5,000 word article. While my additions in January 2005 bring Emma's article to a modest 700 words, it is my hope that it will continue to be edited and improved in the months and years to come.

Update (13 Feb 05): John Hamer has significantly expanded the information on Emma's life, bringing the article to a respectable 2,500 words.

Development of Emma Smith article

  1. In January 2004 the original "stub" article was created for Emma Hale Smith. It contained the following text:

    Emma Hale Smith (1804 - 1879) was the wife of Joseph Smith, Jr. and an early leader of the Latter Day Saint movement. She was also the first president of the Relief Society, one of the world's oldest and largest women's organizations.[2]

  2. In July 2004, someone felt it appropriate to add, "She was an amazing woman and an inspiration to many."[3]

  3. During month of January 2005, substantial changes and additions bring an end to the article status as a "stub."

  4. February 2005, John Hamer significantly expands article to include more information on Emma's life.