Equation Converter 0.3.1

Converts equations from standard mathematical notation, to javascript notation.


* Asterisks indicates non-standard formations in mathematics such as (5+2)8 instead of 8(5+2). These are (by choice) interpreted as multiplication.

Version history

Version 0.3.1 (26 Sep 2019): Switched to Standard Javascript style for internal code. More explicit handling of math funtions, which now allows use of exponetial notation ("9e9" to mean "9*10^9"). Added a series of code tests that can be run using the command runTests() from the browser console to prevent regressions.

Version 0.3 (24 Sep 2019): Switched to using x**y for powers instead of pow(x,y). This simplified code and resolved several edge cases that were not processed correctly (such as (2+x)^3). The power operator has pretty broad browser support now. Also added a with(Math){} statement to the final Javascript notation, so that Math functions (like sin() and cos) and constants (like PI and E) work out of the box.

Version 0.2.4 (Aug 2009): Replaced used of const with var since only Mozilla recognizes it. Replaced eval with better code.

Version 0.2.3 (Feb 2008): Added support for negative sign following caret. For example, x^-2 = pow(x,-2). Note that negative sign preceding caret is not supported (by choice), i.e. -x^2 = -(x^2) instead of (-x)^2. This is in keeping with behavior of most hand-held graphing calculators.

Version 0.2.2: Bug fix regarding mishandling of constants and numbers preceding caret.

Version 0.2.1 (Apr 2007): Bug fixes: added implied multiplication for constant followed by number, stopped reserved constants LOG2E and LOG10E from becoming LOG2*E and LOG10*E, fixed mishandling of constants and functions preceding caret.

Version 0.2 (Apr 2007): Addded support for use of caret sign ("^") as power operator.

Version 0.1 (Apr 2007): Added support for implied multiplication and removes white space.