Programs for TI-83 Plus

Programs for your handheld graphing calculator that remember formulas, find solutions, and even show step-by-step work for solution.

(X-H)^2/A^2 + (Y-K)^2/B^2 Center Pont: (H,K), Foci: (H-C,K) and (H+C,K) For all ellipses, A>B>0, C^2=A^2-B^2, Major Axis=2A, Minor Axis=2B 2x^2+9x+9 Factors: (2x+3)(1x+3) Solutions -3/2 or -1.5, and -3 D = sqrt((Y2-Y1)^2+(X2-X1)^2) = sqrt((3-5)^2+(2-4)^2) = sqrt((-2)^2+(-2)^2) = sqrt(4+4) = sqrt(8) = 2*sqrt(2) = 2.8284271
  • Download: High School Essentials (TI-8x programs, zip compressed)
    Note: The set of programs is designed for the TI-83 and -84 series handheld calculator. They will not run on a regular computer.

Notation Converter

The Math Notation Converter converts standard mathematics notation to Javascript notation. The converter removes whitespace, and explicitly inserts implied multiplication. For example, 5 sin(2x) + 1 (standard mathematics) becomes explicitly, 5*sin(2*x)+1 (Javascript notation).