Selected Articles and Papers

University Newspaper (selected articles)


Double buzz (May 2005)

Created Wikipedia article on a phenomena of trumpet or brass playing, the double buzz.

The Spirit of God Like a Fire Is Burning (Hymn) (February 2005)

Created Wikipedia article on popular hymn of the Latter Day Saint movement.

Emma Hale Smith (January 2005)

Expanded Wikipedia article on Emma Smith from a one-paragraph stub to an article of substance. (Details)


Build LinuxSampler—Beginner’s guide (November 2013)

Step-by-step guide to compiling and running LinuxSampler on Ubuntu.

Interval transposition in MuseScore (November 2009)

Reference and guidelines for implementing non-lossy transposition in MuseScore.

Reflections on Water (February 2009)

During a trip to Uganda my daily experience with water is very different from my normal life. Guest blog post for Sustainable Good.

Top usability issues in MuseScore 0.9.3 (September 2008)

Lists ten usability issues in note entry, selection, and other areas of MuseScore.

Mouse interaction in MuseScore (September 2008)

Improving the icon set and toolbar placement in MuseScore.

First impressions of MuseScore (April 2008)

My first three days with the notation software MuseScore: observations, issues, and attractions.

Interface design in Canorus (July 2007)

Usability guidance for music notation software

How to Export to PDF (May 2007)

Outlines method for creating PDF files of music scores created in Finale.

Creating Elision Slurs in Finale (June 2006)

Outlines an efficient method for create elision slurs using the popular notation software Finale.

History of the trumpet [PDF] (December 2005)

Explores the interaction of music, culture, and technology on the development of the trumpet from ancient times to present day (27 pages).

Joseph Smith Hymn Festival [PDF] (July 2005)

Readings used for a hymn festival commemorating the bicentennial of Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of the Latter Day Saint movement. Approximately 300 people attended the event at Kirtland Temple (6 pages).