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Version history

Version 0.6Optimized grade calculations improve file load times by 5-10 percent. Button for starting new grade sheets. New default document. Ability to hide optional assignments on student printouts using "HID" keyword. Ability to hide onscreen information for all but selected students (useful for showing a student his/her grade on screen without violating the privacy of others). Keywords such as "EXC" and "HID" are no longer case-sensitive (inputs automatically convert to uppercase if the keyword is recognized). Enabled spellcheck for assignment full title. Visual improvements for student printouts. Fixed loss of unsaved data when viewing the individual student printouts (now program automatically saves file before showing the printout). Fixed autosave bug which ignored isolated undo or redo actions. Extended maximum number of undos from 20 steps to 40 steps. Added action descriptions to undo/redo buttons.

Version 0.5.1 Asks to save changes before exit. Student percents always viewable. Fixed saving bug after opening and editing an existing file. Fixed file reloading bug after Save As. Fixed javascript error when undo/redo is called and there is nothing to undo/redo. Fixed undo/redo bug for assignment delete. Fixed cursor bug on asssignment dialog. Fixed hiding of assignment dialog after assignment delete.

Version 0.5 Multiple undo/redo, performance gains, switched from continuous save to autosave every 30 seconds (improves speed and responsiveness), ability to sort students by name, small usability enhancements (highlight student name when entering point values for that student, highlight a table row when the mouse hovers over it, internal scrolling if number of assignments excedes screen width, student names remain visible [on non-IE browsers] regardless of assignment scolling, visually disable save-as/open buttons if functionality is unavailable), cookies no longer used to save file info (causes issues with large files), cookies used to remember last file open, file path data removed from file format (potencial privacy breach), better handling of score abbreviations and abbreviations defined at bottom of student printouts.

Version 0.4.1 Bug fixes: New assignments editable without reloading, new assignments dialog works after canceling out of edit assignment dialog, assignment deletion correctly deletes assignment, assignment edits work for assignments greater than 10

Version 0.4 New JSON data format for files (allows more flexiblity for expanding file format and makes for easier coding in the future), GUI for editing assignment details or deleting assignments, unlimited number of assignments (previously limited to 26), assignment details displayed in notice area during editing, fixed IE compatibility bug from version 0.3.5

Version 0.3.5 Keyboard shortcuts for file Save (CTRL + S) and file Open (CTRL + O), native dialog for opening/saving files

Version 0.3 GUI for opening files, simple one-step undo, minor usability enhancements (auto saves after every change, visually disables buttons when they are not usable, marks blank scores and scores above max, special notice area for error messages or other important information)

Version 0.2 File saving for Mozilla, GUI for deleting students, support for Internet Explorer, refined tabindex, minor visual improvements

Version 0.1 Basic layout, ability to add new students or assignments, saves data from session to session using cookies, produces printouts for each student.